Originally posted by RED 58.

I was Not the first to make these i just remade them:

After 2/16/12
Gravity Scale [RED58]:
05144A3C 3F800000
Works after 2/16 patch
Gravity scale set to 315
Recommended that you put on the perk for no fall damage

Ui Scale [RED58]:
Convert HEX Float

100% Hipfire Accuracy/Hold Breath Forever [RED58]:
051445FC 00000000
0514470C FFFFFFF7
05144BD4 00000000
05144C5C 01000000
E0000000 80008000
Put on auto activator^^^^^^
Also includes no weapon bob & faster quick scope for snipersthis code will make it easier to snipe others

Sprint Speed Scale [RED58]:

Plz note that the ui scale probly doesnt work, have fun :dbanana: