originally posted by HAXZing TERR0R.

This code allows you to change your player's uniform without having to change your perk 1.

Change Player Uniform [HAXZing TERR0RIST]
28200FA0 00000E00
054B4988 01000000
E0000000 80008000
28200FA0 00000D00
054B4988 00000000
E0000000 80008000
(NOTE: This does not give you the perk of the uniform you choose!)

How To Use:
1.) Go to create a class
2.) Press A, B, and 1 on the wiimote
3.) Choose a class
4.) Choose any gun from any gun class to change your player's uniform

-Sub Machine Guns = Lightweight Uniform
-Assault Rifles = Scavenger Uniform
-Shotguns = Hardline Uniform
-Light Machine Guns = Flack Jacket Uniform
-Sniper Rifles = Ghost Uniform

5.) Choose the uniform you want then press A, B, and 2 on the wiimote
6.) Change your primary gun to whatever you want
7.) Your done

(When you go into a game you will keep the uniforms you put on your classes but you will not gain the perk to go with those uniforms!)