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I used the strongest possible dvars and everything for this And it is very powerful. i will port to multi-player when i get the time to do so.

Campain Aimbot [$TRiiK3R]
28200EE0 00008000
054D7CB1 4B189680
054D7C58 3A03126F
054D7CC8 4B189680
054D7C41 3A03126F
054D6CF1 01000000
054D7A11 437F0000
054D7A28 437F0000
054D79A1 43F00000
054D79B8 43F00000
054D7621 01000000
054D75B1 42C80000
054D75C8 42C80000
054D7771 43F00000
054D7788 43F00000
054D7701 44200000
054D7718 44200000
E0000000 80008000