We saw the release of iOS 5.1, with it came an array of different fixes and features, some not at understandable as the others. One which particularly confused everyone was the introduction of a 4G icon in the place of 3G for some AT&T customers. Dont be alarmed, they already had this network, and its essentially just a slightly quicker 3G which theyve branded 4G. However, there is a winterboard add-on which will help you feel like less of a techno pariah! Its called 4G for iPhone 4′ and it replaces your 3G logo, with a 4G one. Not essential, but nice if you want to pay back your peers who taunted you for maintaining your jailbreak over upgrading. There we are, I hope I made your day a little bit more fulfilled.

4G for iPhone 4′ is available for free from cydia.