There has been a flurry of custom Siri tweaks coming out since the iPhone 4S jailbreak, each one adding more features to is predecessor. Now, the best of the best seems to have been released, and it is called MyAssistant.

MyAssistant culminates all the Siri tweaks so far, from Tweeting, to customizing the UI. The tweak does cost $0.99, but for the level of customization it offers, it is totally worth it. The tweak offers system commands, toggles, custom conversations, and the ability to edit Siri’s default UI. However, probably the most attractive feature of this tweak is that you can customize you own commands. For instance, instead of having the command to turn Bluetooth on be “Turn on Bluetooth” it can be something like “Bluetooth on”. Additionally, all Activator commands are supported by this tweak, so you can have another level of system integration.

To find this tweak just search “MyAssistant” on Cydia after reloading data, and it should pop right up!