so would you put the YYYY's just like a XXXX? for the ON button activator i want MINUS and the OFF to be PLUS, thanks guys

Sexy Graphics [DeathAndBack/Various Creators]
C0000000 00000016
9421FFB0 BDC10008
3D808020 618C2368
818C0000 280CXXXX
41820010 280CYYYY
41820044 4800007C
3DE08112 61EFFE44
3DC00000 61CE0000
91CF0000 3E808113
62941C8C 3E603FBE
62730000 92740000
3E408113 62521CD0
48000040 3DE08112
61EFFE44 3DC00100
61CE0000 91CF0000
3E808113 62941C8C
3E603F80 62730000
92740000 3E408113
62521CD0 3E200000
62310000 48000004
B9C10008 38210050
4E800020 00000000
XXXX = ON button activator [Wiimote]
YYYY = OFF button activator [Wiimote]
XXXX cannot equal YYYY