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    Default [317] PkHonor

    Welcome to PkHonor!

    Important note: it may happen that you have a black screen when logging in, simply close and reopen your client to fix that!

    -> Click here to download our normal client
    -> Click here to play on our webclient
    -> Click here to download our zipped client incase you have trouble with the normal client, or if you have a Macintosh computer. This client does not have the auto-update feature like the normal client has.

    Also visit us on our site,

    And check our trailer

    There is about one new update every week.
    Between 150 and 400 players on at all times, over 30,000 active players and 187,000 accounts total.

    PkHonor’s features
    PkHonor is currently the only RuneScape private server that has all of these features - and if you don’t believe it, go check it out yourself ;)

    -> PKing based - nearly perfect combat system (highly modified Project Insanity server base)
    -> Perfectly balanced - not to easy to get gold, items and strong gear, but not too hard either.
    -> Stable and lagless VPS
    -> Auto-updating client (you only have to download it once!)
    -> User-friendly interfaces!
    -> Great economy
    -> Helpful Staff
    -> Help center (command ::help) which notifies our staff that someone needs help
    -> Highscores

    -> Nex which drops Torva, Pernix, Virtus and Zaryte bow (armour has the HP boost!).
    -> Clan chat with lootshare
    -> Clan wars

    -> Grand Exchange
    -> Buy and sale offer overviews for the Grand Exchange, so you know what is being bought and sold!
    -> :: prices command that show the current prices for any item (constantly updated)
    -> New RS animations and whip look
    -> :ettings command that gives you the ability to choose between new or old animations and new or old whip look if you prefer the oldschool looks!
    -> Korasi’s sword (with special attack of course)
    -> Achievement diary, with Dragon Defender and Hand cannon as rewards

    -> All godswords, with emotes, gfx and special attacks
    -> Dragon claws
    -> No own customs
    -> ALL skillcape emotes
    -> Duel arena with staking and rules - even a special option for whip/dds only fights!
    -> ALL minigames - barrows (and a second, alternative barrows minigame which is more risky but more rewarding), pest contol, fight cave, fight pits
    -> Fully automatic donation system. Pay and get your ingame Donator Credits right away! Spend these credits in our Donator shop for items and donator-only features

    -> All Ancient curses
    -> All bosses - KBD, kalphite queen, dagannoths - now with their new looks
    -> Corporeal beast (with correct animations!)
    -> ALL spirit shields with 100% correct stats and special effects
    -> ALL crossbow bolt special effects
    -> ALL weapons have their correct special effects and attacks
    -> Void melee, ranger and mage 100% working
    -> All the 21 skills from the old RuneScape, they work completely (up to the smallest details) - yet skilling rates are alot higher than on RuneScape. So no endless training.
    -> Extreme potions and overloads with 100% actual effects
    -> The REAL godwars maps with the actual NPCs, kill count, mithril grapple for arma, NPCs not aggresive when you’re wearing something of their god etc etc etc...

    -> Unique PkHonor point system, get the points by training any skill or killing monsters or players. Use to buy the best equipment available.
    -> All pVp armour and weapons (vesta, morrigan, zuriel, statius)
    -> Perfectly working special attacks for the pVp weapons
    -> All chaotic weapons and shields
    -> Actual degrading rates for barrows, pVp and chaotic (barrows and chaotic can be repaired)
    -> All weapons and armor have actual wearing requirements

    -> Dwarf multicannon 100% working
    -> Slayer helmet which gives 15% bonus for all combat stats when fighting monsters assigned to you
    -> Ice strykewyrms
    -> Staff of light perfectly working with actual special attack and effects
    -> Tormented demons
    -> Barrelchest
    -> Barrelchest anchor with special attack
    -> Inferno adze and Sacred Clay pickaxe with their actual effects

    And much much more..

    **** Soon: castle wars, hunter, construction, sommoning and new minigames!

    About ourselves:
    PkHonor is the product of 2 professional programmers, both students in Information Technology at the Ghent University. The owner and co-owner have years of experience with managing PkHonor. Staff is not an easy thing to get, and only those worthy get it in the end.
    There are no real problems, no bugs, glitches or dupes in the game whatsoever!
    Our server exists for 2 years, and in that period, not a single economy reset was needed. We also garantuee that no economy resets will EVER happen

    some pictures:

    PkHonor Godwars Dungeon


    PkHonor: Fully Working Grand Exchange


    PkHonor: Clan Chat With Lootshare


    PkHonor: All Our Skillcape Emotes


    PkHonor: All Special Attacks
    its a really nice server. i'm playing on it all the time so come join me :p

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    I lol'd at the epic music and the CoD like editing on the Rs clips reminds me of these type of video's to a lesser extent ofc.
    I'll try the server as well.

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