NBA 2K11 [SB5E54]
Unlimited Skill Points [GMO]
02A99ABE 00002710

NBA 2K12 [S2QE54]
Difficulty Level (My Player Mode) [Crapulecorp]
003CF337 000000XX

*Replace XX for :
00 Rookie
01 Pro
02 All Star
03 Superstar
04 Hall Of Fame*

Difficulty Level is Rookie (My Player Mode) [Crapulecorp]
C2AE5838 00000002
3C600000 90640004
60000000 00000000

*ASM Codes So you have to change the difficulty and that will automaticaly be set to Rookie*

Unlimited Skill Points [GMO]
029C541E 00002710

Unlimited Skill Points ASM [GMO]
C300D0A0 00000002
38002710 9004022C
60000000 00000000

Got these codes off of decided to share them with u basketball fans[: