This is a must IMO.

*You need to be rooted*
1) Copied over the Swype Installer (I am a registered user)
2) Logged in.
3) Selected Beta Americas
4) Installed keyboard
5) Used root explorer and navigated to /data/apps
6) Moved the swype keyboard apk file to /system/apps
7) checked permissions to make sure it was rw-r--r-- (it was already)
8) Rebooted device
9) After the reboot, went to a program so that I could long press in the text entry area (I used Touchdown, but anything would have worked)
10) Selected Input Method
11) Selected Swype

Tried to use it, Forced Closed.

12) Went back with Root Explorer and found the /system/app swype apk
13) Clicked on it, wanted to install... let it do it.
14) Tried using the keyboard again.