Sometimes you have an app that you just can't get on your phone but you managed to find the .apk file on your computer and you just don't know how to install it. Lemme help you out here. This doesn't require any rooting.

1. You need to make sure you enable your Android's ability to install "Unknown Sources". This is different for a lot of models so go ahead and google your device model and how to enable unknown sources.

2. Download the .apk file and somehow get it onto the devices sd card or system memory. This is up to you. You can use a usb cable or email it to yourself or dropbox, etc.

3. Download a file explorer. A common one is Astro. Basically any file explorer is going to allow you to view the sd card or internal memory files. Just go to the directory where you put the .apk file. Typically you just need to click it once and hit install.

Congrats. Wasn't to hard was it?