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    Default NTSC GoldenEye 007 [SJBE52] Anarion codes

    Online Fun-4-Everyone (Host Only-All Players/Offline)

    Infinite Ammo. v3 [Anarion]
    0410B9DC 60000000
    No reloading included.
    Fully Automatic Rapid Fire Shooting Rate [Anarion]
    C214A440 00000005
    9421FFF0 91610008
    3D604500 616B0000
    91640010 81610008
    38210010 8BE4000D
    60000000 00000000
    C210B71C 00000004
    38000001 B006000C
    38000001 B006003C
    38000001 B006005C
    7C06282E 00000000
    Removes all attachments offline.
    Stacked Gadgets [Anarion]
    040C2DF0 38607FFF
    This will load ALL gadgets for use.
    Distraction (Smoke Bombs&Flashbang). HiCap Mag. Timed Mine. Remote Mine. Proximity Mine. Heavy Hitter. Speed Loader. Reactive Armor. LightFoot. Polarized Lenses. Snapshot. BioBooster. Mine Sweeper. MultiTask (useless). Last Act of Defiance.
    PowerFoot [Anarion]
    0410C2D0 38000001
    Everyone will move at sprinting speed.
    All Explosives Modifier [Anarion]
    C214C634 00000003
    3C000200 60000XXX
    90030000 80030000
    60000000 00000000
    Modifies all grenades/mines to the following of your choice. X Values:
    756 - Frag Grenades
    98E - Flashbang
    98D - Smoke Bomb
    D78 - Timed Mines
    D77 - Remote Mines
    D79 - Proximity Mines
    915 - Oddjob Bowler Hats
    551 - nothing
    Health Amount Modifier (Health Lobby) [Anarion]
    C21046B4 00000003
    3D804XXX 618C0000
    918303AC C00303AC
    60000000 00000000
    X Health Values:
    248 - 1/2 health
    2C8 - default health amount
    348 - x2
    396 - x3
    3FA - x5
    42F - x7
    47A - x10
    Code takes effect for each individual player when the player respawns after being killed once.
    Infinite Mines [Anarion]
    04158B20 38840001
    Infinite Grenades (all) [Anarion]
    04157D38 38840001
    Infinite Oddjob Bowler Hats [Anarion]
    04158A14 38840001
    Instant Respawn [Anarion]
    041104D0 60000000
    Sound Settings Codes 
    Instant Music Volume Modifier [Anarion]
    285F71C2 00000900
    CC000000 00000000
    E0000000 80008000
    Wiimote: A+2 to turn on/off
    Instant Sound Volume Modifier [Anarion]
    285F71C2 00004800
    CC000000 00000000
    E0000000 80008000
    Wiimote: C+A to turn on/off
    Instant Dialogue Volume Modifier [Anarion]
    285F71C2 00004100
    CC000000 00000000
    E0000000 80008000
    Wiimote: C+2 to turn on/off
    X VALUES For 3 Codes Above:
    3F800000 -full volume
    00000000 -mute volume
    3F289AAE -1/2 volume
    3F5F2CF6 -3/4 volume
    3EE4F92E -1/4 volume
    Allowed WiFi Codes
    L1-Secondary Gun Attachment Modifier [Anarion]
    005DE94B 0000000X
    L2-Secondary Gun Attachment Modifier [Anarion]
    005DE94F 0000000X
    L3-Secondary Gun Attachment Modifier [Anarion]
    005DE953 0000000X
    L4-Secondary Gun Attachment Modifier [Anarion]
    005DE957 0000000X
    L5-Secondary Gun Attachment Modifier [Anarion]
    005DE95B 0000000X
    1 -no attachment
    2 -Silencer
    3 -Thermal Scope
    4 -Reflex Sight
    5 -Laser Pointer
    6 -Grenade Launcher
    7 -Acog Scope
    Wolfe Cannot be Silenced. Shotguns cannot be silenced. Grenade Launcher is only compatible on AK47,Kallos,Anova&Terralite. If you use an attachment value that is not compatible with the gun you added it to, you will be unable to shoot it.
    Clear Weather [Anarion]
    C20353EC 00000003
    3C000000 60000101
    90030068 80030068
    60000000 00000000
    No rain, fog, snow, etc. All maps have clear weather as they have offline.
    No Animation [Anarion]
    285F71C2 00000001
    04337130 38000001
    E0000000 80008000
    285F71C2 00000002
    04337130 38000000
    E0000000 80008000
    Press Left to turn on. Right to turn off.
    Spawn Dead (ONLY on GoldenGun mode) [Anarion]
    285F71C2 00008900
    0410BF64 60000000
    CC000000 00000000
    0410BF64 901C0008
    E0000000 80008000
    Press HOME+A+2 to turn on and off.
    You are dead on the ground. You can't do any actions. You CAN move across the map but it takes a while to get used to since the controls are reversed. To go forward, move the control stick down, right to go left, etc.
    ONLY on GoldenGun mode. This will freeze you if used elsewhere.
    Remove Textures [Anarion]
    285FXXXX 00000200
    042A068C 60000000
    CC000000 00000000
    042A068C 41820010
    E0000000 80008000
    71C2 if using Wiimote+, press 1 to turn on&off.
    7222 if using Classic Controller, press R to turn on&off.
    This code will give you a clean menu look. The large "Goldeneye" logo at the start is not visible. Some maps may become very dark. Also, radar will not work with this.
    Remove HUD/Radar+ [Anarion]
    042A0D20 3863CD80
    Also removes certain weather elements.
    No Mine & Grenade Icons [Anarion]
    0414C624 3863F3C0
    Smoke->Light [Anarion]
    04346704 60000000
    Smoke->Compressed Air Grenades [Anarion]
    285F71C2 0000XXXX
    043466F0 60000000
    E0000000 80008000
    285F71C2 00008000
    043466F0 E0F50008
    E0000000 80008000
    Light Blue Smoke Grenades [Anarion]
    285F71C2 0000XXXX
    0434676C 60000000
    E0000000 80008000
    285F71C2 00008000
    0434676C E0530094
    E0000000 80008000
    Color Modified Smoke Grenades [Anarion]
    285F71C2 0000XXXX
    04346768 ZZZZZZZZ
    E0000000 80008000
    285F71C2 00008000
    04346768 E033008C
    E0000000 80008000
    Z Values:
    E0330000 - Red
    60000000 - Pink
    E0330028 - Green
    E033000C - Yellow
    Dark Blue Smoke Grenades [Anarion]
    285F71C2 0000XXXX
    04346774 60000000
    E0000000 80008000
    285F71C2 00008000
    04346774 E033005C
    E0000000 80008000
    For codes above, for X value, go here:
    Codes are for Wii Remote. Select the button you want to use to activate code and use that value in place of XXXX. Look at Result. ALL codes will have HOME as deactivator for ease.
    Yellow Radar Dots [Anarion]
    042A0CC8 2C070000
    White Radar Dots [Anarion]
    042A0D68 3863CD80
    Dark Red Radar Dots [Anarion]
    042A0CD4 2C0700FF
    Purple Radar+ [Anarion]
    042A0CB0 3863CD80
    Yellow Radar+ [Anarion]
    042A0CE8 3863CD80
    Bold White Radar+ [Anarion]
    042A0D90 3863CD80
    All White Radar [Anarion]
    042A0C5C 3863CD80
    Bold white, white dots.
    RBG-Radar Color Modifier [Anarion]
    C22A0D70 00000002
    3C00XXXX 6000XXZZ
    901D003C 00000000
    RBG-Reticule Color Modifier [Anarion]
    C21512D0 00000002
    3C00XXXX 6000XXZZ
    90010010 00000000
    **Code by MacoPride64
    Reticule-Over Enemy-Color Modifier [Anarion]
    C2151230 00000002
    3C00XXXX 6000XXZZ
    90010018 00000000
    **Code by MacoPride64
    Reticule-Over TeamMate-Color Modifier [Anarion]
    C2150F84 00000002
    3C00XXXX 6000XXZZ
    90010038 00000000
    **Code by MacoPride64
    For Color Modifiers Above:
    X: FF00 00 || Z: FF -all bold red
    X: CC00 00 || Z: CC -red, normal transparency
    X: FFCC CC || Z: FF -light red, normal transparency, white dots
    X: 0000 FF || Z: FF -all bold blue
    X: 0000 CC || Z: CC -blue, normal transparency
    X: CCCC FF || Z: FF -light blue, normal transparency, white dots
    X: 00FF 00 || Z: FF -all bold green
    X: 00CC 00 || Z: CC -green, normal transparency
    X: CCFF CC || Z: FF -light green, normal transparency, white dots
    Z= Color Transparency. Use FF if you don't want a transparent color.
    Other X Color Values @
    or generate your color of choice @
    Some cool Anarion codes i saw when i was looking for GoldenEye 007 codes so i figured why not post it on codeleakers so here u guys go.

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