This a guide is made for those people who are new DS/DSi homebrew.This will go through the basics of DS/DSi hombrew,explaning what it is in the first place and many other things.Without further ado,let the guide begin.

DS homebrew basics

Q: What is Homebrew?
A:It is basically some sort of software made by a person or a group of people using Development kits such as DevkitPro.It is used to do such things not intended by the company who made the console/handheld (like to play music, read PDF and text and etc.

Q: How can a certain gaming system run Homebrew?
A:Usually modern gaming systems does not support these hombrew but usually through an exploit (ex.Twighlight Princess exploit for the Wii) or Third party hardware (DS flashcarts) that these homebrew get to work.

Q: What is DS homebrew?
A:It is homebrew specially made to work on the DS/DSi using a flashcart.

Q: What is a flashcart?
A:It is a Third party hardware made for the DS that allows people to play DS backups and homebrew.

Q: How do I get to install these homebrew on a flashcart?
A:You simply just put them in your micro SD and plug it into to your flashcart but before that (only on really old flashcarts) you have to DLDI patch it.

Q: What is DLDI?
ALDI meaning Dynamically Linked Device Interface which allows a certain homebrew to write things on the flashcart.As said before,only the really old flashcarts need the DLDI patching the newer ones are auto-DLDI which skips the DLDI patching process.

Q: What are some great homebrew for the DS?
A:There are many good homebrew for the DS.
Moonshell a multimedia player that can view text,play music and watch DPG movies.
NesDS which is a great nes emulator for the DS.
DSorganize a handy application where you can write notes and use a calculator.
DShobro an internet browser.

Q: What is DSi Homebrew?
ASi homebrew is usually a revised version of the normal homebrew for the DS but because the DSi has more capacity it can run that certain homebrew a bit faster.

Q: What can take advantage of DSi homebrew?
A:There are only two,the Cyclods iEvolution and the Sudohax exploit by team Twizzers.

Q: Sudohax?!Whats that suppose to be?
A:It is some sort of exploit made by team Twizzers.It involves the Sudoku dsiware game which you can purchase off the DSiware shop.After Nintendo hearing about the exploit they permanently removed the Sudoku game from the shop.

Q: Examples of these DSi homebrew?
A:One is the Gba emulator by Ichichfly which somehow works better on DSi mode(Though the emulator itself is still working in progress), the DSx86 which has a 286 protech mode support and access up to 12mb of ram on DSi mode and many more.

Q: What is Supercard DStwo homebrew?
A: It is homebrew specially made for the flashcart Supercard DStwo.Because the Supercard DStwo has added cpu power, some people have made homebrew that utilizes that added cpu.

Q: What are these homebrew that are made for the Supercard DStwo?
A:There are allot of homebrew for the Supercard DStwo, like CATSFC which is a very good Snes emulator and a Gba emulator that has a great compatibility with gba games and many more.

KingdomBlade: giving some great and useful tips.
Vigilante: Making the original tut.