Description: 2033. The whole world lies in ruins after a nuclear war, Moscow has turned into a ghost town. A few survivors are hiding in bomb shelters of the Moscow subway stations that formed the city-states that have created trade alliances and political groups. The background radiation makes it impossible for a long stay on the surface, an even greater danger is posed by living on the surface of the mutants and by unknown creatures.

ENEA, a highly populated station on the orange subway branch, has long been safe. But lately its horrible attack being “black”, and people becoming more difficult to repel the attack. Artem, a resident Exhibition Center, will get to the center underground to rescue from danger the house and all underground.

Update 2: Ranger Pack DLC:

Official upgrade game Metro 2033. This update introduces a number of fixes and improvements, as well as problems with the new rules the achievements of the service Steam. In the upgrade is promised and Ranger Pack DLC (The standard Ranger Mode of ammunition will be reduced, and damage of all weapons – increased. The enemies are more dangerous in this mode, however, as you are. For fans of hardcore mode added Ranger Hardcore, in which the screen will be removed completely graphical interface.), which adds a new hardcore game mode in the Metro 2033, new achievements and weapons: Heavy Automatic Shotgun, as well as the Volt Driver.

RAR Password: