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Thread: No$gba FAQ.

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    Default No$gba FAQ.

    Note: I did not make this, i got it off of emuforums.

    No$gba is a NDS emulator, one of the more popular ones because it is supported by Emucheat. If you are having trouble saving, loading, starting a game, compatibility, this is the thread for you.

    Note: You absolutely cannot use save states in No$gba or it will display the message "The ROM image has crashed," when you try to load it. You must must must use the ingame saving mechanism or it will not work.

    Where do I get the latest version?
    That's sorta tricky nowadays. To get the latest free version, head over to No$gba's homepage. Scroll down until you find a button that says "Download Windows version".

    You mean there's a newer version that I can pay for? GIMME >:O
    Yes. You can buy the latest version of No$gba for $2.50 US Dollars. Once a new version comes out, then the release before it will become free and the new one will become $2.50. Basically you're paying for the privilege of having the latest release (approximately) a month early. But don't even think of asking for and/or giving a link to a pirated version of 2.6. Martin started this whole "$2.50 for latest version" because he needs money. He has nocash. (Lolz) So unless you want him to have to get a real job and have less time to work on No$gba, I'd suggest you pay the measly $2.50.

    No$gba won't save my game. HALP
    There are several different chips that DS's use to save your game. No$gba cannot, at this time, autodetect what savetype the game wants to use. Therefore you must set the savetype yourself in the Options menu.

    Inside the Options menu, look for NDS Backup Media. Your choices are listed there. Most games uses the setting EEPROM 64k, but a lot of big Nintendo titles and RPGs use Flash 256k. A few games (Zelda and Pokemon to name a few) use Flash 512k.
    No game uses FRAM, and incorrectly setting it as the save type will eventually corrupt your save file.
    This thread has an in-depth guide and some info on which games use what savetype. As a general rule when guessing save type, you should try EEPROM 64k first, then Flash 246k. If it isn't either of these, then try all the others excluding FRAM.

    After selecting a savetype in the options menu, you must reset the DS game for the changes to take effect.

    Does my game work?
    I have no clue, google it.

    There's something wrong with my game? How do I fix it?
    Generally, when there is a bug in No$gba, you cannot fix it or work around it. Sometimes there are a few exceptions. This thread aims to keep track of most bugs; and if a workaround is found, it will be listed there.

    Where are the BIOS images?
    As these are copyrighted by Nintendo, we cannot legally distribute BIOS images. You must either make a copy from your own DS, or find them yourself online and not be stupid enough to share that you did with us. Luckily, only a handful of games need the BIOS images. (See the bug thread)

    How do I make the screen bigger?
    Screen sizing only works in GBA mode at the moment. Fortunately, there are several third-party applications that can be used to make No$gba's screen bigger, such as NDS2xGL

    How do I "close" the DS's lid
    For some games such as Zelda, you will need to close the lid in certain places to solve puzzles. To use this feature in No$gba, minimize the emulator. This will "close the lid". To un-close the lid, restore the emulator. Note that the emulation of the lid isn't perfect, and minimizing the emulator may make some games unstable and freeze up.

    How do I do multiplayer?
    You don't. As of 2.6 the emulator's wifi emulation is not advanced enough to support multiplayer or wifi of any sort. Until the DS's wifi chip is reverse engineered more, this will not change.

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