Many people are requesting a change in infected. Like make it so infected has no ammo and survivors have pp90-m1 or striker. Well here's my idea.
I know coders will have to remoke the whole code and it can take a while.
Here's my idea: if any coder desides to do this and make the weapons diffrent can the code be set up like a create a class mod so that we can put in the values of what weapons we whant the survivors and infected to have?
For instance right now survivors have spaz 12 suppressed, range, scavenger, quick draw , and dead silence. The code lets us select the gun, attachments, profictioncy, perks, and mabe even kill streaks (just a thought but not nessisary). But do remeber it will be like the coustom class mod were you have to everything in for it. Also I really don't care if you make it so the infected get no ammo because it doesn't effect my loby and they don't shoot.
I would love if someone can make this code possible.XD

Solutions if this does get made:
The ammo, which everyone is mad over, that the infected have ammo. What I have to say just give them a magnum nuff said.