Sup guys cornerpath back with a interesting topic rumor about the online method of jtag getting back online.

heres what one of the dev says

Ok, i have saw people signing up and asking

"Could you help me get my JTAG online"

I am sick of this so here is what im going to do:

On the 23rd April, 2012 i will be releasing the "Bypass" or what ever you want to call it to certain members and websites. The current reason to not release now is because there is to many LEECHERS that prob spread it!


Coz i am PIMP i know what im doing and i can do it if i plan it so bare with me!

What site will be first?

There will be 2 sites:

Here (

I will post both of them and then you shall host as a popular modding team again.

Any questions?

Please ask me any questions on here or others:

Skype: billyjew

Xbox: A Billy Jew or XDevKit

YouTube: RnBxDev

Thanks for reading, and BoNeZ you shall know and agree with me

Ok there you have it, if he does release ill release it here, because I know one of the members he's giving it to...

But in my opinion this is BULLSHIT but who knows prob legit