Installing Rosetta Stone:
1)Run the installer but DO NOT run the actual program when finished. Remember to uncheck the
run Rosetta Stone check box before finishing the install.
2)Replace the Rosetta Stone exe in the install directory with the one in the crack folder.
3)Restart your computer when the install is finished


Installing Language Levels:
1)Mount the iso with Daemon tools (or any other iso mounting program)
2)Click "Add or Remove Languages" on the top right.

3)Pretty straight forward from here. Choose the language level and wait for it to install.

Download Links

Rosetta Stone 3 v3.4.7 (120MB)

Spanish Lv 1 (384MB)

Spanish Lv 2 (387MB)

Spanish Lv 3 (387MB)

Spanish Lv 4 (399MB)

Spanish Lv 5 (428MB)