The mysterious new BioShock game that is to be announced for PlayStation Vita during E3 is a new game rather than a port, series mastermind Ken Levine has told IGN.

"That's a new game. That is going to be strange and surprising to people, in the same way," Levine explained. "I think when we launched Infinite, people said, "Wait, what, what are you doing?" I think we always want to surprise people. If I'm just saying, 'Here's BioShock 1 on Vita'... Let's say we potentially do, you don't need us to do that, somebody could make that happen if they wanted that to happen."

"For us, it's like, 'Hey, here's this weird experiment you want to do.' Experiments always carry risks, though. That's been the experience of working on BioShock Infinite. And working on BioShock. People saying, 'This is weird, risky, I don't understand.' I'm fortunate that I get to do things that are risky, my team gets to do things that are risky. "

Asked whether the Vita game was a tie-in with the upcoming Infinite, Levine replied, "All I'll say is that it's its own thing, being built from the ground up, yes."

And that's all we know for now, gang.

Credits to IGN