Do to my Unfair ShitStain I decided to make it easy for everyone. It does not have to be posted if my shit stain is removed:

This code is better for Gecko user, it allows you to switch between a persons profile
and another one, by simply going to profile and switching, and no turning off the
wii or going to the main menu. This can be used for all COD Games, with the Gecko
for easy navigation.

ByPass Code {Master Q ]
F6000001 800080A0
3C608000 38C33180
14000004 3CC08000
E0000000 80008000

This is the original Ban code. The one Posted on Code Leakers has had the address
hidden so the value cannot change.
The way this works is after you clear the persons Recent Player List, activate the code.
The list will return and if you scroll down to the end of the list , if it has worked then there
will be a blanked out recent player that shows that tyhe last time you played with him
was 1000+ or so days ago. The value is 64, this can be changed I think to a higher flood on
the recent player list. This code will cause there wii to freeze when they try to log in.

Ban Code [Goober]
2820236A 0000XXXX
049F5A38 64000000
E0000000 80008000

* Replace X's with Activator

The Force Host code does work, 95 % of the time, as of now it is the best one out there.
Press the activator and hold it if you have to until your name is invisible while in a lobby
aitinf for the match to start. Continue holding it until the match starts. This should make
you host. Remember alot of ppl are going to be using this, so if there are multiple players using
it, you will be fighting for the connection, and prob. lag out of the game.
Note: if you are in a group and activate it, eerone will get kicked from your group because
they dont have the code activated. If they do have it and activate it along with you, then
only the ppl with it activated will remain in the group.

Invisible Name w/Force Host[Jester]
2820236A 0000XXXX
04A07C0C 00000000
CC000000 00000001
2820236A 0000XXXX
04A07C0C 5E315072
E0000000 80008000

* Replace X's with Activator

These may not be the exact start of the list, but
it puts you in the exact area.
Helpful Address' for ID Log In:

Ally List: 80A3F13C
Recent Players: 809F50BD
Propsals: 80A42950

Only w/ Gecko
Leader Board
80800000 w/Auto Update

Account Hopper Code
MW3 [Master Q]
04A03BE0 000000XX
*replace X's w/ log in ID

Account Hopper Code
Black Ops [Master Q]
04BDF8E0 000000XX
*replace X's w/ log in ID

To Help Find Account Info, this is a
very rough video to help you find it.