infultrate the base !!!!hi the idea for my game type is there is a base on one side of nuke town(behind green house on floor) it is two floors high and has a sentiry guns ontop of it keeping away the Alkieda(enemy team) there job is to infultrate the base and steal the flag. and the americans have to defend the base on top of the base i would like a hellicopter after 1 minit but only 1.

also after every kill you get you get 1000 and to get the mystery box it is 10000 but free after been baught.

once alkieda have captured a flag they will get a wepon up grade and when they capture 2 they get a nuke.

alkieda if stay still go invisable

thanks for reading if you think you can help please pm me

no teamchange will say rest if posible
mystery box inside base