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    Default [SC7*52][SCRIPT/GAMETYPE][Figuration]Secret

    Okay so i figured out that if you make a whole gametype in a script like this you can have more gametypes in a mod menu (why didnt u think of this) but short gametypes. You can add it as a function in the admin menu in a folder which can be called Shorttypes. There can be a bunch of shit!!.
    Here you can use this as a base and you can add it. You can use the cz75 in the gametype, feel free to change it. Hope you are very supportive in my idea!
    Some scripts are added for you to start.
    level.prematchPeriod = 0;
    setDvar("scr_game_hardpoints", 0);
    setDvar("scr_game_killstreaks", 0);
    self [[level.autoassign]]();
    player thread DisableInvulnerability();/*to disable god mode for other players if they are using a mod idk if tht's possible but..*\
    self thread DoFair();
    self thread Gun();
    self iPrintlnBold("^1Gametype Name Here");
    self iPrintlnBold("^2Base made by HavoC on Codeleakers");/*Respect is the word don't change this*\
    self iPrintlnBold("^3Edited by YOUR NAME HERE");
    self iPrintlnBold("^5Kill Everybody,Stay Alive.");/*Obj. Text*\
    self giveWeapon( "cz75_auto_mp" ); 
    self giveWeapon( "hatchet_mp" ); 
    self giveWeapon( "concussion_grenade_mp" ); 
    self giveWeapon( "nightingale_mp" ); 
    self switchToWeapon( "cz75_auto_mp" ); 
    self setSpawnWeapon( "cz75_auto_mp" );
    self setPerk("specialty_movefaster"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_fallheight");
    self setPerk("specialty_scavenger"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_extraammo");
    self setPerk("specialty_gpsjammer"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_reconnaissance"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_nottargetedbyai"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_noname");
    self setPerk("specialty_flakjacket");
    self setPerk("specialty_explosivedamage"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_grenadepulldeath"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_fireproof");
    self setPerk("specialty_killstreak"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_gambler");
    self setPerk("specialty_bulletpenetration"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_bulletdamage"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_bulletflinch"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_shellshock");
    self setPerk("specialty_holdbreath"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_fastweaponswitch");
    self setPerk("specialty_bulletaccuracy"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_sprintrecovery"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_fastmeleerecovery");
    self setPerk("specialty_fastreload"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_fastads");
    self setPerk("specialty_twoattach"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_twogrenades");
    self setPerk("specialty_gas_mask"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_showonradar"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_stunprotection");
    self setPerk("specialty_longersprint"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_unlimitedsprint");
    self setPerk("specialty_quieter"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_loudenemies");
    self setPerk("specialty_pistoldeath"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_finalstand"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_healthregen");
    self setPerk("specialty_showenemyequipment"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_nomotionsensor"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_disarmexplosive"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_detectexplosive"); 
    self setPerk("specialty_delayexplosive");
            self endon ( "disconnect" );
            displayText = self createFontString( "mediumfixed", 3.7 );
            displayText setPoint( "CENTRE", "TOP",0, 10 + 30 );
            displayText.glow = 1; 
            displayText.glowColor = ( 2, 4, 6 ); 
            displayText.glowAlpha = 1; ; 
            for( ;; )
            displayText setText("[{+stance}]^1Gametype Made by: HavoC on Codeleakers[{+stance}]");
    	wait 0.5;
            displayText setText("[{+stance}]^2Edited by: YOUR NAME HERE[{+stance}]");
    	wait 0.5;
            displayText setText("[{+stance}]^[{+stance}]");
    	wait 0.5;
    	displayText setText("[{+frag}]^4Play the Game Faggot[{+frag}]");
    	wait 0.20;
    	displayText setText("[{+frag}]^5YOLO[{+frag}]");
    	wait 0.15;
    	displayText setText("[{+frag}]^1You[{+frag}]");
    	wait 0.13;
    	displayText setText("[{+frag}]^2Only[{+frag}]");
    	wait 0.13;
    	displayText setText("[{+Melee}]^3Live[{+Melee}]");
    	wait 0.13;
    	displayText setText("[{+Melee}]^4Once[{+Melee}]");
    	wait 0.13;
    	displayText setText("[{+Melee}]^5Bitch[{+Melee}]");
    	wait 0.5;
    	displayText setText("[{+speed_throw}]^1Live the Life you want to![{+speed_throw}]");
    	wait 0.3;
    	displayText setText("[{+speed_throw}]^2GAMETYPE NAME HERE[{+speed_throw}]");
    	wait 0.3;
    	displayText setText("[{+speed_throw}]^3Base made by HavoC[{+speed_throw}]");//Don't Change *Respect*
    	wait 0.3;
    	displayText setText("[{+speed_throw}]^4Edited by: YOUR NAME HERE[{+speed_throw}]");
    	wait 0.3;
    	displayText setText("[{+speed_throw}]^5Respect.[{+speed_throw}]");
    	wait 0.30;
    	self endon( "disconnect" );
    	self endon( "death" );
    	self iPrintlnBold( "^2You have a laser on your gun!" );
    		trace=bullettrace(self gettagorigin("j_head"),self gettagorigin("j_head")+anglestoforward(self getplayerangles())*100000,1,self)["position"];
    		wait 0.02;
    For example it would be like:
    as a function in a mod.

    for all of the noobs i'm not helping you with this.

    0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
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