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    Default [XBOX] Splinter Cell: Conviction Modded Gamesave

    Credit goes to K.G and FeudalNate for using their Save Editors

    Sup guys. Here is my custom modded gamesave for "Splinter Cell: Conviction". I had it before on Megaupload and lost it so I recently bought the game and re-did the mods to share with you and of course so I could play it again, lol. The gamesave contains the following:

    * Max Points (38000/38000)
    * Max Points to Spend (2147483647)
    * All "Prepare To Execute" , "Vanish" and "Splinter Cell" Challenges Completed
    * Infiltration Mode Unlocked
    * U-play weapon Unlocked
    * Shadow Armor "Zvezda VR" Unlocked
    * All in-game weapons Unlocked
    * All extra weapons Unlocked
    * All extra Uniforms Unlocked

    NOTE: Make sure you upgrade ALL of your weapons, uniforms and gadgets in-game to unlock the following achievements:

    * Accessorizing - 10G
    * Weapons Collector - 20G
    * Weapon Upgraded - 10G
    * Gadget Upgraded - 10G
    * Gadgets Expert - 20G
    * Weapons Expert - 20G

    NOTE 2: For some reason it didn't allow me to save the gamesave onto my USB; not sure if it's because of an update or some other reason. I had to use a transfer cable to transfer the gamesave back and forth. If you can get it to work with your USB great, if not you will have to use a transfer cable and use the Device Explorer from your favorite mod tool (Horizon, Modio, etc.)

    How to use:

    (Method 1: USB)

    1). Load my gamesave in your favorite Mod Tool (Horizon, Modio, CONcept, etc.)
    2). Replace my ID's with yours
    3). Rehash and Resign
    4). Place the gamesave back into the USB/HDD

    (Method 2: Transfer Cable)

    NOTE: Before continuing, open my modded gamesave in your favorite mod tool, replace my ID's with yours then Rehash and Resign.

    1). Connect your Xbox 360 harddrive onto your transfer cable (either the small cable or Xport360)
    2). Open the Device Explorer from your favorite mod tool (Horizon, Modio, etc.)
    3). Find your profile ID
    4). Find the "Splinter Cell Conviction" game and click it
    5). Find the gamesave that ends with "profile.sav"
    7). Now replace your "profile.sav" gamesave with mine (the one that you just replaced the ID's with and rehashed/resigned)
    8.) Close the mod tool and put your harddrive back on your Xbox 360


    Happy Modding

    ..:: D1G1TAL MoDz ::..

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