A new report out this morning points to an allegedly leaked part purported to belong to an upcoming sixth-generation iPhone (not to be confused with a front panel part leaked by another source). It looks like its machined from a single piece of an aluminum alloy, similar to Apples Unibody manufacturing process for notebook chassis. If authentic, the leaked part casts additional light on the backside and profile of Apples upcoming iPhone revision.

It does reinforce the mostly agreed-upon thesis of the next iPhone having a slimmer chassis and a much smaller and rounded dock connector

9to5Mac had this to say:

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From what we can see, the part does follow a lot of the rumors and speculation. For instance, you can see the smaller dock connector at the bottom and it appears thinner overall. Were told that the extra space on the bottom is used by Apple to enhance the speakers which will be louder and of a higher quality than the current iPhone. The supplier says the back plate is one piece anchored by an aluminium alloy (not liquidmetal).