I along with a few others have been messing about trying to see just what can and cannot be done since the new patch.
Thought it might be useful to have a thread where people could share their experiences.

So far from a group of people checking this we have found it doesn't seem to affect everyone
in exactly the same way. But the basic effects are as follows.

1. When you hop onto an account the account/s you used to hop will will completely wiped.
It even gives this account a new address.

2. Account can be fixed as all other codes seem to be working, but it will have a new address.

3. Your old wiped account with old address can be hopped.

4. In some cases a profile used for hopping appears to be banned in that you can not get
online with that profile with a variety of error messages but mainly can not access MW3 servers.

Ok that's the main informtion we have discovered so far, anyone else have similar or different

All the above is hopping with Gecko's not codes.