Download Link:

SMF v2.0.2

What it has:
-Spoiler BBcode( self explanatory )
-Embed BBcode ( self explanatory )
-Youtube BBcode( self explanatory )
-PSN BBcode ( shows PSN Profile not info except online name )
-Blink BBcode( the text blinks )
-Timer BBcode ( amount of time before text ect. appears )
-Medals ( earned for posting shows good looking medals in posts and profiles )
-Ad Management ( add ads to certain parts of the website )
-Anti Bot ( self explanatory )
-Activity in profile( tells what the person is currently doing in there profile example:browsing Mods )
-Hide images from guest( self explanatory
-Advance Login form ( adds remember me and forgot password to login form)
-Additional instant messages( instead of only pm you can also use others like yahoo and google ect. )
-Attention Locked Topic( has a message in the post that says locked topic )
-Chat( ads a chat bar can edit options for everyone on website or just the persons buddys )
-Guest can't see links ( self explanatory )
-Guest can't see images ( self explanatory )
-Shiny smilys ( makes smilys shiny )
-Age and Location ( adds it as an option to the profile )

How to install the mods:
1. Hover over Admin in Navi
2. Click on package manager
3. Click download package
4. Scroll to the bottom
5. Click browse find the mod then install

When install make sure you click on the theme to install them if it has that as a option don't click on themes that say test failed because not all themes are compatible and also you have to install all the mods one by one and don't extract the mods keep them in zip but do extract the folder holding the mods in them