OK well i got the 1.25 GB iso for my wii that doesn't read disks this week. It keeps freezing at the SECOND loading screen after the keyboard cat intro. It does not freeze at the forst loading screen as it does for most people since i am using IOS 250, 224, 223, or 224 when i load up my game. I was recently told that this is probably because i have never played black ops on my wii and i do not have a gamesave for black ops yet. This sounds like it could be true but I'm not sure. Well if it is, how can i get a gamesave onto my wii for black ops? I have already tried wiisaves.com downloading the data.bin file and all that stuff but it won't let me copy the black ops save game file from the SD card to the wii. Neither will savegame manager since it does not support .bin files. So I am kind of stumped right now. Is the save game really the probblem? Or is it something else? I've been trying to do this for a while now so it is kinda frusturating... I have tried using neogamma, configurable usb loader, and usb loader GX all have same affect. Again, i have never played black ops on my wii because my disk drive broke from modern warfare 3, which was my first call of duty game :confused: I would appreciate any kind of help you can offer, thank you so much