This code only works in FFA, so I'm looking for a different one.

Party Min Players Modifier [[email protected]]
05139348 0000000X
E0000000 80008000
*X = HEX*

If you use this code with 1 minimum players in TDM, it just keeps saying "waiting for the best host...". If you enter any other number it just searches for a match like a normal, and your specification doesn't matter.

I'm looking for a code that starts the countdown with only you, then the desired number of people will start joining before it loads the match. I think the problem with TDM is that it tries to split up the lobby into even teams, which causes the previous code not to work.

Maybe if 'matched players' could be spoofed for 6 player slots. Then the timer would start to countdown, they'd get split up into teams, and their places would eventually be filled with the actual players (even if you only wanted 4).

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.