Hi guys, I'm not the leader,I am a member of the clan!
Your Name: uLt!m4t3~Your Name
Clan Leader: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ultimateclan.tk/
Me: uLt!m4t3~iMod

Description: The clan is looking for modders and coders, which I am, and so many other members of the clan! The clan has pre-made mod menus for the modders and beginer modders. We also make our own codes, we search up the addresses on google to make sure it was not made first, we make the codes from mod menus, ram dumps, and USB Geckos. The clan is related to other clans, but at this moment, thats kept secret(not anymore).We are friendly, challenging, great attitude members of the clan! We hope you learned something 'bout us, now we hope you join the, uLt!m4t3~ clan!