Step 1: Upload MySQL database dump file (.bz2 only)
First, generate a dump of the database schema and data from your desired databases/tables. One way is to use the 'mysqldump' tool which is included with MySQL. For example, to generate a dump of the database 'mydb' (including both schema and data), use the following command:

mysqldump --databases mydb -u root -p > mydb.sql
This generates the database dump into the 'mydb.sql' file. Because this file can be rather large, please bzip it first using the following command:

bzip2 mydb.sql
Then upload the resulting 'mydb.sql.bz2' using the button below.

Upload MySQL dump...
Step 2: Configure MySQL users and permissions
Add MySQL databases users and specify the databases that they have acccess to here. Separate the list of databases by commas (i.e. mydb1, mydb2).

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