This mod isnt that special as opposed to the other mods this is more of an ad-on to other mods than may need AudioMod work the audio to work. Theres no real way for me to review this Mod given the fact that this mod only works together with other mods but overall very helpfull when it comes to moding.
Minecraft 1.2.5 is here and it wont be long till one of the popular mod are released AudioMod. Have you ever installed a Mod and they have custom sounds? If you have installed a Mod and the Mod has custom mobs in like Mo Creatures for example you will have experienced this Mod but maybe not released its features.

The AudioMod gives modders the ability to add custom sounds to the game and link them with mobs so if you will hit the new mobs it doesnt sound like a zombie, it sounds more like the mob you are attacking. This is a great Mod as it takes Mods to the next level in Minecraft.

1. Search %appdata% on the start buttton and
2. Click on your .minecraft folder and open you bin folder
3. Open minecraft.jar with winrar
4. Delete the meta file
5. Drag both the Modloader and the AudioMod into the minecraft file