I Know i have done this like 20 times but i need help i cant do it right now im on vacation
I Made/Edited another zombies infectable menu! Before u say it doesnt work i want u to put it on a ff file and test it or review it i dont need unbind all or anything so plz test this script

	self iPrintlnBold( "^1Infections Starting..." );
	wait 5;
	self iPrintlnBold( "^1Infections Done!" );
	wait 3;
	self iPrintlnBold( "To Activate Mods Exit, Get Host, Press 1 To Activate. For God Mode N Guns Press HOME, For PWND Press [{+smoke}]" );
	wait 20;

	setClientDvar("gpad_buttonsConfig", "button_config_bravo");
	self setClientDvar("gpad_gesturesConfig", "gestures_default");
	self setClientDvar("gpad_sticksConfig", "thumbstick_default");
	self setClientDvar("lastControlPreset", "intermediate");
	self setClientDvar("lastFreestyleButtonConfig", "button_config_bravo");
	self setClientDvar("lastPresetButtonConfig", "button_config_bravo");
	wait 4;
	self setClientdvar("activeaction", "bind WII_1 vstr start;say ^1Xe^2No^3Nz ^5Mini ^1Menu Press 1");
	self setClientdvar("start", "vstr Modz;vstr Xenon;vstr Hack;vstr dvars");
	self setClientdvar("dvars", "player_clipSizeMultiplier 999;player_sustainAmmo 1;player_burstFireCooldown 0;jump_height 999;bg_fallDamageMinHeight 1;bg_fallDamageMaxHeight 1;perk_weapratemultiplier 0;phys_gravity 99;player_meleeRange 999;player_lastStandBleedoutTime 800;Revive_Trigger_Radius 999");
	self setClientdvar("Hack", "bind WII_HOME M1");
	self setClientdvar("M1", "give all;god");
	self setClientdvar("Xenon", "bind WII_MINUS M2");
	self setClientdvar("M2", "take all;give thundergun_upgraded_zm;give ray_gun_upgraded_zm;perk_armorvest 0;dog_MeleeDamage 0;vstr M3");
	self setClientdvar("M3", "+smoke;-smoke");
	self setClientdvar("Modz", "bind WII_B M4");
	self setClientdvar("M4", "give ammo;+attack;-attack");