[RTG.] Reppin' Taylor Gang.

Hello members of Codeleakers for all those Boxers out there who play Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox I have a made clan [RTG.] that stands for Reppin' Taylor Gang. This clan is a Call Of Duty Elite clan and we will be participating in every clan op we can get into. Our clan rank is level 1 but we already have 10 or so members who have a 1.50 or higher KDR. Our clan loves to joke around with each other but when it comes to clan ops and clan battles we are serious. We accept pretty much anyone with a .90 KDR or higher unless I know you and you are my really good friend or something. We accept a variety of tatical players such as Quick Scopers, Rushers, Campers, ect. If you are interested please leave a comment below with your Gamertag so I can add you and it would be great if we can get some people to join because we have a clan op tonight from 9pm-12am eastern time, so like I said it would be great if we could get more people in the clan so we can rank up our clan faster! Also I will let every member a day in advanced when we have a clan op so you can let me know if you can be on or not.