This is me and Linblow showing you guys the one feature in the Linpatch.prx called the non host freeze anti, as you can see this isn't anti-packets so NO lagging out. No more fags freezing and the PRX has the NO 35 version. PRX still in progress ATM.

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Here is a very good code that will preserve you from being frozen in the lobby by some ******s.

It has no bad side effects, except that it bans (35), so if you wanna use it, make sure your Anti 35 is on.

The linpatch.prx will have it too, but it won't ban!
Thanks to kHaoZ for helping me testing the anti.

#Perfect Anti Non-Host Freeze*
;Bans 35
0x00F3FA00 0x90420008
0x00F3FA04 0x2C48000A
0x00F3FA08 0x11000003
0x00F3FA10 0x0A2E9F3D
0x00F3FA18 0x0A2E9F45
0x00F3FA20 0x90420008
0x00F3FA24 0x2C48000A
0x00F3FA28 0x11000003
0x00F3FA30 0x0A2E9F86
0x00F3FA38 0x0A2E9F8E
0x003A7CEC 0x0A5CFE80
0x003A7E10 0x0A5CFE88
If you don't have Anti 35, here it is:

#Anti 35
0x004FC850 0x00000000
0x0037C020 0x00000000
0x0049C588 0x00000000
0x00147BD4 0x00000000