Guys If you are a pc player then you know the pains of mw3 and the fov of it since were so close to the screen. Agent rev developed a fov changer, because mw3 doesn't have one like other cods.

You may ask if you can get banned from it and the answer is no.


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I'd like to once and for all give Infinity Ward's stance on this subject.

We do not mind if a PC user has the FOV changer mod.

We also do not ban anyone that is using the FOV mod.

EDIT: Just had confirmation that Valve also does not issue bans for FOV changer.
It also has a warning message if people are starting to get banned for it even tho activision said they wouldn't. It's the only mod they allow since they took out the film tweaks and killed the modding community with their patches. Either way enjoy, cause I as sure will.

They have one for campaign and one for Mp. The download can be found Here.

It also is used by a lot of Players and a lot of big call of duty youtubers. If your still a skeptic, then I don't know. Hope you guys have fun.