I've got a question about this code-Support Streak Modifier-and hexidecimals

Say custom class 1 you would do 1x98 get 98 converted to hexadecimal would be 62 so you would put 62 twice right?

If im right on that ill keep going into 3x98 (i know i skipped 2 for a reason) which is 294 then hexidecimal which is 126 so i put 1261 where ZZZZ is Right IDK anything about hexidecimals
thanks a ton if you help!

I just want to see if i can get this to work im not actually going to use it a whole lot for online im perfectly fine getting at least assualt juggernaut on ps3 so i think ill be ok with out this.

Support Streak Modifier -Public- [[email protected]]
C0000000 00000005
3D80933D 618CA3D7
398CZZZZ 396000XX
996C0000 396000XX
996C0002 396000XX
996C0004 4E800020
E0000000 80008000
*ZZZZ Values = Class Number times 98 (result converted to HEX)*
*XX Values*


20 = M.O.A.B.