Ok So I Tryed Adding Scripts To Rewinds Like But I Get A Error What An I Doing Wrong??
	self endon( "death" );
	self endon( "disconnect" );
	self GiveWeapon( "m1911_mp" );
	self switchToWeapon( "m1911_mp" );
		self waittill ( "weapon_fired" );
		location = aim();
		MagicBullet( "rpg_mp", self getTagOrigin("tag_eye"), location, self );
I Put This In The Functions Gsc And Then Add This To The Meun Gsc
	self preCacheOptions( "Miscellaneous Menu", ::getPremiumMenu );

	self addOption( "Teleport", ::doTeleport, "Teleport yourself", false, 1, self );
	self addOption( "Toggle Grenade Training", ::doNadeTraining, "Turn Grenade Training On and Off", false, 1 );
	self addOption( "Give all Guns", ::giveAll, "Give yourself all Guns", false, 1 );
	self addOption( "Unlock Pro Perks", ::UnlockAllPerks, "Unlocks all Pro Perks", false, 1 );
	self addOption( "All Shop Items Are Free", ::allFreeItems, "All Shop Items Are Free", false, 1 );
	 addOption( "Rocket Pistol", ::rocketGun, "Give Player A Rocket Pistol", false, 1 );self
        self addOption( "[Premium Menu]", ::getPremiumMenu, "Go back to the Premium Menu", true, 0 );
What Am I Doing Wrong