Hey codeleakers. I have a Savegame for MW3 SpecOps and SInglePlayer. (Somewhat Goes into Multiplayer). I'l Leave a Link to the Savegame on Mediafire and a Virus Scan on the File.

How to Put on to a Profile

Step 1 : Open Horizon and Drag the file into there.
Step 2: Click the profile you want to use
Step 3 : To be sure Open the Savegame and then resign and Rehash
Step 4: Leave a Comment with Ideas For V2.0

MediaFire DL V1.0: savegame.svg
MediaFire DL V2.0: savegame.svg
Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/file/0219...is/1346720027/

Youtube Videos-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

MW3 Modz || Made by RecklessModsHD || V1.0 - YouTube

What is in V2.0------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

God Mode (May Not work)
Oil Vision
Dead Players/AI Twitch out when they die
Care Packages Fall Slowly
Show enemies on Radar (Spec Ops -Dont know if its only Spec Ops)
Items have Low Frisction
Possible Auto Aim
Ammo Indicator Color's (Black And Yellow/ Yellow and Black)
Fast Health Regen (May not Work)
Long Sprint Time