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    Default [SJBE52] Goldeneye 007 Leaked Codes

    All of these codes were posted on [email protected]'s site by [email protected]

    Offline Only Codes
    Bullet Damage Modifier -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    0410345C 3860000X
    *X Values*
    0 = Default
    1 = 2x
    2 = 3x
    3 = 4x
    4 = 5x
    5 = 6x
    *Must have "Revenge" modifier ON*
    *Credits to Anarion
    Invincibility Story Mode -NTSCU- [ZiT]
    C2131CF0 00000002
    3D804200 919E0EA4
    C05E0EA4 00000000
    Big Heads Mode Multiplayer -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    04130040 38000001
    *Credits to Mr.Brain*
    Unlock Invisibility Mode Multiplayer -NTSCU- [James0x57]
    04231710 60000000
    Infinite Invisibility Time Multiplayer -NTSCU- [Anarion]
    0413AE7C EC21182A
    All Time Trials Completed -NTSCU- [Thomas83Lin]
    C22303FC 00000002
    3D803F80 91830060
    C0230060 00000000
    Unlock All Difficulties -NTSCU- [Thomas83Lin]
    C2230154 00000003
    7C630214 39800000
    398CFFFF 91830040
    60000000 00000000
    Unlock All Mission Time Trials -NTSCU- [Thomas83Lin]
    C224BB80 00000003
    39800000 398CFFFF
    91850038 80A50038
    60000000 00000000
    One Hit Kill Story Mode -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    04013378 D2C303A8
    Unlock All Missions -NTSCU- [Thomas83Lin]
    0424BB88 480002D4
    *Non permanent*
    Unused Mission Select [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    0057E4B7 00000008
    Full Sized Maps in Offline Multiplayer [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    0657E268 00000028
    01A00003 01A00004
    01A00005 01A00001
    01A00002 01A00069
    01A00068 01A00065
    01A0001B 01A00073
    0657E290 00000028
    01A0000C 01A00006
    01A00016 01A00015
    01A00012 01A00082
    01A0006C 01A0007C
    01A0002F 01A0007A
    0657E2B8 00000028
    01A00011 01A00007
    01A0002C 01A0002B
    01A00020 01A00087
    01A0006E 01A00080
    01A00030 01A00075
    Video Modifiers
    Activision Logo [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    04573504 80XXXXXX
    Eurocom Logo [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    04573510 80XXXXXX
    MGM Logo [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    0457351C 80XXXXXX
    Frontend Background [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    04573528 80XXXXXX
    Demo Loop Video [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    04573570 80XXXXXX
    Level 01 Intro [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    04573588 80XXXXXX
    Level 01 Outro [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    04573594 80XXXXXX
    Level 02 Intro [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    045735A0 80XXXXXX
    Level 02 Outro [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    045735AC 80XXXXXX
    Level 03 [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    045735B8 80XXXXXX
    Level 04 [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    045735C4 80XXXXXX
    Level 05 [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    045735D0 80XXXXXX
    Level 09 [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    045735DC 80XXXXXX
    Mocap [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    04573534 80XXXXXX
    Facial [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    04573540 80XXXXXX
    Daniel Craig Reference [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    04573558 80XXXXXX
    Daniel Craig Publicity [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    04573564 80XXXXXX
    X Values
    5406F8 -Activision Logo
    6EE788 -Eurocom Logo
    540704 -MGM Logo
    540710 -Frontend Background
    540734 -Demoloop
    540740 -Level 01 Outro
    6EE7B0 -Level 01
    54074C -Level 02 Outro
    6EE7B8 -Level 02
    6EE7C0 -Level 03
    6EE7C8 -Level 04
    6EE7D0 -Level 05
    6EE7D8 -Level 09
    6EE790 -Mocap
    6EE798 -Facial
    54071C -Daniel Craig Reference
    540728 -Daniel Craig Publicity
    6EE7A8 -Nothing (no video)
    Game Starts Up Quicker [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    08573504 806EE7A8
    2002000C 00000000
    Game Starts Up Quicker -REGIONFREE- [Macopride64]
    F6000001 80508060
    00000000 4210004A
    18000008 806EE7A8
    2002000C 00000000
    E0000000 80008000
    Skips the Activision, Eurocom, and MGM logo videos.
    Disable Level Intros/Outros [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    08573588 806EE7A8
    2007000C 00000000
    Host Only All Players Codes
    All Gadgets -NTSCU- [Anarion]
    040C2DF0 38607FFF
    Health Amount Modifier -NTSCU- [Anarion]
    C21046B4 00000002
    3D80XXXX 918303AC
    C00303AC 00000000
    *XXXX Values*
    4248 = Half
    42C8 = Default
    4348 = Double
    One Hit Kill Host Only All Players -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    04103560 FC20B090
    Offline Multiplayer Maps in Online [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    4A000000 80583130
    14000014 01A20023
    14000028 01A20003
    1400003C 01A20001
    14000050 01A20008
    14000064 01A2000D
    14000078 01A2002A
    1400008C 01A20029
    140000A0 01A20026
    140000B4 01A2000F
    140000C8 01A2002F
    14000154 01A20023
    14000168 01A20005
    1400017C 01A20022
    14000190 01A20007
    140001A4 01A2000C
    140001B8 01A20035
    140001CC 01A2002E
    140001E0 01A20032
    140001F4 01A20011
    14000208 01A20031
    140003D4 01A2000A
    140003E8 01A20004
    140003FC 01A20002
    14000410 01A20006
    14000424 01A2000E
    14000438 01A20034
    1400044C 01A2002D
    14000460 01A20033
    14000474 01A20010
    14000488 01A20030
    14000654 01A20023
    14000668 01A20005
    1400067C 01A20022
    14000690 01A20007
    140006A4 01A2000C
    140006B8 01A20035
    140006CC 01A2002E
    140006E0 01A20032
    140006F4 01A20011
    14000708 01A20031
    14000794 01A20023
    140007A8 01A20005
    140007BC 01A20022
    140007D0 01A20007
    140007E4 01A2000C
    140007F8 01A20035
    1400080C 01A2002E
    14000820 01A20032
    14000834 01A20011
    14000848 01A20031
    140008D4 01A20023
    140008E8 01A20005
    140008FC 01A20022
    14000910 01A20007
    14000924 01A2000C
    14000938 01A20035
    1400094C 01A2002E
    14000960 01A20032
    14000974 01A20011
    14000988 01A20031
    E0000000 80008000
    Score Limit Modifier [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    025DBEE4 0000XXXX
    XXXX = Score Limit in hex. Affects all game modes except for Black Box and GoldenEye. Host only.
    'YOLT' Game Mode Online v2 [Macopride64 -NTSC-U]
    025805AA 0000104C
    045805AC 7D010031
    005805B5 00000003
    0258064A 0000122C
    285DE6B8 00000001
    005E07CF 0000000B
    E0000000 80008000
    You can now turn it ON/OFF on the wifi menu!
    Infinite Grenades Host All Players -NTSCU- [hetoan2]
    04157B20 4800000C
    Grenades Modifier Host All Players -NTSCU- [[email protected]/Mr.Brain]
    C210B71C 00000004
    2C0500YY 40820010
    3C000200 6000XXXX
    7C06292E 7C06282E
    60000000 00000000
    *XX Values*
    0D79 = Proximity Mine
    0D77 = Remote Trigger Mine
    0D78 = Timed Mine
    0756 = Frag Grenade
    0915 = Oddjob`s Hat
    98E = Flash Grenade
    98D = Smoke Grenade
    551 = Nothing 
    *YY Values*
    Primary Grenade = 60
    Secondary Grenade = 70
    Infinite Ammo Clips Host All Players -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    0410B86C 60000000
    Moon Jump Host All Players -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    040EED74 C023015C
    040EF340 C05F015C
    285F71C2 FFF70008
    C20EED74 00000002
    3D8040C0 9183015C
    C023015C 00000000
    C20EF340 00000002
    3D8040C0 919F015C
    C05F015C 00000000
    E0000000 80008000
    *Press UP on Wiimote*
    *Some credits to Sharkbyte*
    XP Lobby Host All Players -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    C227980C 00000002
    3F40XXXX 635AXXXX
    7C00D214 00000000
    *XXXX = HEX*
    Super Speed Host All Players -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    C210C8F4 00000004
    3D60805F A16B71C2
    2C0B0800 4082000C
    3D804080 919F0C74
    C03F0C74 00000000
    *Hold A on Wiimote*
    *Some credits to Sharkbyte*
    Inf. Ammo Host All Players -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    0414D6C0 38A00000
    Infinite Health Host All Players -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    04103560 FC200090
    *Some credits to Sharkbyte*
    Non Host Codes
    No Level Increase -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    0426BF20 60000000
    Scope Sights -NTSCU- [Anarion]
    04131860 3BA00001
    Hit Marker Crosshair -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    0431A4A0 909E0058
    Infinite UAV -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    0416BAC4 38000001
    0419DFF0 38000001
    *Originally by Mr.Brain*
    Character Size Modifier Non Host All Players -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    285F71C2 FFFD0002
    C212FBB4 00000002
    3D804120 91840014
    C0640014 00000000
    C2131050 00000002
    3D804120 91850010
    C0450010 00000000
    CC000000 00000000
    C212FBB4 00000002
    3D803F80 91850010
    C0450010 00000000
    C2131050 00000002
    3D803F80 91840014
    C0640014 00000000
    E0000000 80008000
    *Press Right Button to activate/deactivate*
    *Originally by Mr.Brain/Focker*
    No Reloading Blur -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    040D276C 38000000
    *Originally by Macopride64*
    Metal Players -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    040B5B24 38000001
    *Based on Fockers Thermal Vision code*
    Always Hero -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    C2275A1C 00000002
    38000001 980305EE
    880305EE 00000000
    TriggerBOT -NTSCU- [[email protected]/Mr.Brain/Anarion]
    0415B014 801C0538
    48000000 80775160
    DE000000 80008180
    30001CC0 3E808081
    0415B014 38000010
    E0000000 80008000
    No Flash Effect -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    041946B0 38000000
    No Smoke -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    04343438 38840000
    Fully Automatic Weapons -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    0414CED4 38600001
    *Credits to Mr.Brain*
    Constantly Display Weapon Names -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    0418F644 60000000
    Display Fake Level -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    0425473C 380000XX
    *XX = HEX*
    WiFi Menu Codes
    Allow Disallowed Names Online -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    041D0F30 60000000
    Wide Screen WiFi Menu -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    041A9638 38000000
    All Weapon Proficiencies Completed -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    C225B7B0 00000002
    3980270F 9184058C
    8084058C 00000000
    *Credits to Mr.Brain*
    All Accolades x999 -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    C2238838 00000002
    398003E7 918503A4
    80A503A4 00000000
    C2238808 00000002
    38000001 900303A4
    60000000 00000000
    *Credits to Mr.Brain/Focker*
    All Combat Abilities Completed -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    C2236B2C 00000002
    39800063 9184060C
    8084060C 00000000
    *Credits to Mr.Brain/Focker*
    Allow 2 Primary Weapons in Loadout -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    04256CD0 60000000
    Everything Unlocked -NTSCU- [[email protected]]
    04256874 38800038
    04257024 38800038
    04256AD8 38800038
    0423162C 38800038
    *Non permanent*
    *Credits to Thomas83Lin*

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    These are not leaked, these are copy and pastes from gecko codes; how I know? Thomas83Lin, ZiT, and James0x57 don't believe in online hacking and wouldn't be on bullys site. Go look at the goldeneye codes on gecko codes, betcha they are exact copies. ;)

    Thanks for the share though.

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    I forgot to post that some are leaked & some aren't & I said I will post more later today & your welcome.

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