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Credits to xGEARSxOFxHELLx ,fat pat 666 , XxCRAZYPOTATOxX

We Modded just about everything ....Even You!!!!!!

DcP Mods Ver 1


V3 has imgs fixed and comands moved around for thos of you that use punch. now its left and right clicks.

Works with all DLC and All TU's

Install: 0000000000000000/4D5308AB/00020000

1.Changed 100 4th Rank to Full Blue than Gold

2.New Weapons To Start with like (BOOMSHOT), (CLUCKSHOT), (Flametrower), (Hammer Of Dawn) & More

3.Modded Ammo and Rate of Fire

4.New Add-on on Beast Mode , Weapon Swaps on some Locust

5.New Commands more than 1 can be Used (FLYING) , (GOD MODE) , And (Freeze) Everything but you for time to fly around or anything

6.A lot of work was put into this and this isn't the final Mod this is only Version 1 , there is still more to come

DPad Up say DcP Modz
DPad Down say xGEARSxOFxHELLx was here ,Where Do I Go?"
Back PlayersOnly
L1 ScreenMessages
R1 Say Sorry but I Hit the Wrong Button"
L3 ghost/fly
B walk
Start god