Okay so... The black line at the bottom of the screen... I'm having troubles with it... The person who made this mod menu put it a little bit below the scrolling text... So I want it to be like on the text and I'm not so sure what the thread/script is called and I was wondering if this was it so I could change the position of it to hover over the text.. So here it is...

createLine( text, size )
line = createServerFontString( "objective", size );
line setPoint( "CENTER", "CENTER", 0, 400 );
line.color = ( 3, 3, 3 );
line.sort = 1001;
line setText( text );
line moveOverTime( 8.0 );
line.y = -400;
wait 14;
line destroy();

And whoever helps me it would be greatly appreciated. ~xBoSsyy<3