I made some custom class mods. I thought maybe some people that play Wii would like them. My Wii is unplugged right now so i didn't try it. but I'm sure it works.

1st Private Class Modifier [[email protected]]
4A000000 933DA3F4
4A100000 000005BE
10000000 00000015
10000002 00000011
10000004 0000000A
10000006 0000000D
10000008 00000039
1000000C 00000004
1000000E 00000004
10000010 00000011
10000014 00000039
10000018 00000065
1000001A 00000009
1000001C 00000026
1000001E 0000000C
10000022 00000061
10000024 00000083
16000028 00000010
52657669 73696F6E
73446561 676C6573
1000003D 00000076
1000004B 0000002F
1000004D 0000002B
1000004F 00000027
10000051 00000001
10000055 00000002
10000059 00000003
E0000000 80008000
*Credits to MasterQ, Jester, Mitch & Koala*
-UMP45, Gold
-Desert Eagle, Akimbo, Silenced.
-Plus perks, killstreaks, and profiencies.
I just thought it would be cool for this because PS3 has that.

P.S. I heard it was a "pet peave" to post untested codes on here. But if it's okay i made some Black Ops codes that are untested cause i don't have Blops on Wii. I don't know if they were already made or not, let me know if i should post them.