Hello CL, I know I have been gone for sometime, but I was away and merely enhancing my programming skills in Java. Today I am glad to share a game I have not yet completed and will be updating with new features as soon as I can without any bugs of an sort.

This game is called rage on the road.
current version: 1.0.2 (beta)

1 = version
0 = revison
2 = bug fix

Extract the zip file to the desktop, open folder, double click jar file.

drive your vehicle with the arrow keys, dodge the police cars and run over the stick figured people. Watch your health though or game is over. Get the wrenches in the road to gain hp back.

player changes color due to a certain amount of hp left/gained.
points and hp lost is based on how you interact with other objects.
_ex. head on collision is approximately 20point gain/loss depending on what you hit
_side scrolling background
random spawn points are set into the game at a preset x axis and randomized on the y axis

Soon to come features:
score: online/offline to a website
better animations
title screen
credits screen when game is over

Project members:
ptp = head developer (PassThaPurp) aka Emu, ofwgkta_emu, SyiiKo, netbeans, and more...lol

feel free to join, I will take gfx artist and whoever can contribute to the project,
if you have any suggestion just email/pm me!

Latest version is now: 1.2.5

New remodeled enemies(Trolls), fixed GUI bugs, Health indicator, health gain, and auto difficulty change, score file also
Current Status: Cleaning source, may take some time lol

all work done by: SyiiKo (PassThaPurp)