the is Seven Deadly Sins Clan is Recruiting. We are a PS3,WII, and soon to be WII-U clan we just started and looking for member's we just mess around but still win games we are just here to have fun. We like to have our clan to feel like a family. We started it on Wii but than we gave clans up on Wii but now were bringing it back on the Wii, PS3, and WII-U. We hope you consider joining our clan. Please fill out a application on if you are willing to join and if you don't feel like joining please just come register on our site the site is in my signature. We are also looking for graphic designers to make signature Pictures and avatars please if your interested please PM me and tell me you are.
Thanks for reading this hope you consider joining.

-thanks from the Leaders of [SDS]
[SDS]WrathLeader, [SDS]DAVID__032469, and [SDS]Pinhead

and i also will keep active member list on here