This isnt a request. It is an announcement that this Christmas, i will be hosting a black ops Wii modded lobby for up to 9 people. i will host 3 different sessions. The codes i will use include- God Mode, Unlimited Money, Rapid Fire and Unlimited Ammo. There can be specific ones used. if the lobby votes no god mode or money, then it shall be granted. The way you can enter is post a comment down below with you gamer tag,ally code, and the codes you would like me to use. I will pick 9 random people and they will be able to play with me. I will divide the groups as i see fit. I would also ask that you make a Skype account so we all can talk together. Hurry. The winners will be announced this Friday. Moderators or members, if you have any other WORKING codes, please send them to me in a PM. Thank-You!