Hai. C:
So, I have some items for sale:
1x Dragon claws, 1B each
Dragon Bones, 500k Each (Unlimited supply)
Overloads 10m each (I think I have around 17)
Saradomin Godsword, x1, 150M? Offers accepted.
Zamorak Godsword, x1, 150M? Offers accepted
Flagstaff of festivities x2, 45-75M each
Whip x2, 30M ea.
Veracs Barrows set (without the flail /: ) 50-100M
Dragon Bolts (e) (Offer each, unlimited supply)
Diamond Bolts (e) 20k ea. (Unlimited supply)
And if you need any rune bars/rune ores/Magic logs/anything like that, let me know and we can make an offer.

Just PM me in game