Made this tutorial a while back on Hack Forums thought I would share it with you guys.

a RAT, a booter, a stealer, a keylogger, basically anything you need infections for. ** MAKE SURE ITS FUD OR AT LEAST 2/17 **

1st step:
Go to

2nd step:
Enter a chat.

3rd step:
Type something like this, "YOUR VIRUS HERE" <--- Download that file, its my nude slideshow and I'm a female, 17, usa, and very horny!

4th step:
Copy and paste the sentence you decide to type, and keep going into chats and pasting that sentence, leave, then keeping repeating that process.


Ok, so after doing that you will usually get a bunch of downloads, in 5 minutes I got 20 downloads and 10 infections, it's okay I suppose, and very simple.