I bought this game on the PS3 which gives you a free download for the PS VITA version (no its not trasnferable) so lets the reviewing begin!

First off. Yes this game is allot like SSBB. But who the fuck care SSBB is a great game. And as of now with no DLC this is the character list

Kratos - God of war
Cole Evil - InFamous
Cole - InFamous
Ratchet - Ratchet and clank
Needles Kane (sweet tooth) - Twisted Metal
Radec - Killzone
Sly cooper - Slycooper
Fat Princess - Fat Princess
Nathan Drake - Uncharted
Jak - Jak and Daxter
Big daddy - Bioshock
Dante - Devil may cry
Heihachi - TEKKEN
Nariko - Heavenly Sword
Raiden - Metal Gears
Sackboy - Littlebig planet
Sir Daniel - Medievil
Spike - Ape escape
Toro - Toro

And rumored DLC is Kat from gravity rush.

Now for the gameplay its pretty simple and is exactly the game on both consoles (which is good because your playing against each other). The goal is to kill your opponents. How do you do that? well you use your attacks that show off the variety of your characters weapons and abilities. inorder to fill up your super meter you can fill it up to level three. Level one is pretty much an attack that will kill one opponant. Level 2 may kill multiple and Level three you should be able to just keep killing them.

Online Cross play.
This game allows you to play online between PS3 and PSVita the only diffrence in controll is on the PS3 you hit RI to pick up a weapon were on the vita you touch the touch screen anywhere. Combat wise any character advancement you do with your PS vita shows up on the Ps3. and vice versa so all the playing time you do on the PS3 will be worthwhile on the vita. I also had no diffrence in effort trying to find players on either system however i did end up in matches against the same people a few times.

Overall i give this game a 9/10 because well i had fun playing it the entire time... and literaly didnt put it down as if i turned off my PS3 id be playing it on the Vita after..... and i didnt even need to pay for the game for the vita so thats a plus.