Nintendoís been criticised in the past for its lacklustre attitude towards online services, but with the Wii U and the eShop, this situation looks like its changing ó at least as far as indies are concerned. Reports suggest the eShop could be a great place for small-time developers to flourish, thanks to a lack of restrictions on updates and self-publishing.

Developís Craig Chapple spoke to Trine developer Frozenbyte about the eShop, with vice-president Joel Kinnunen mostly positive about its prospects. Rather than use Microsoftís archaic approach of charging devs to update their titles, Nintendo allows you to do it free. And getting a game approved is a speedier process than that offered by its rivals:

Thereís still a certification process in most cases but itís much faster than on the other consoles, and the financial burden is basically non-existent Ö At the moment it seems like itís combining the best of both worlds ó the fast and free nature of PC updates and the Ďit works like you expect and wonít break your systemí certification requirement of console updates. We could probably work with no certification at all, but itís easy to understand the need for it in the larger scale, and in that sense the eShop is a great combination.
Kinnunen also mentions that Nintendo not only lets them self-publish, but that it doesnít have a problem with games not being exclusives:

[Self-publishing] is a big thing and very important. Weíve also been relieved that Nintendo isnít that concerned about the Ďcompetitorsí, they havenít given us any demands when it comes to other platforms, and thatís the kind of attitude the industry could use a lot more of Ö In a way, the eShop has restored our faith in the potential of console downloadable games. Weíll see how it goes in the next year.
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