For all the teenagers in high school who are busy
with their "problems", today you have heard of
something that should honest to god make you
feel like an insolent piece of trash. You sit and
complain all day, every day, about having to go
to school and about having to do things in your
life that you won't "like"....

I think you should be thankful that you even get to go to school. 3'rd world countrie's children that have no education system at all would kill for a chance to be a student and enjoy high school for what it is... 18 innocent children who never hurt ANYBODY lost their lives today. If this doesn't make you appreciate the life you have every single day, you deserve to be in the same place as the murderer.

Even though I know none of these kids who died, I would not hesitate to give up everything I have to give even one of these kids a chance to grow up and live the life we take for granted.

Learn to appreciate what you have and stop taking the people you have in your life for

Thank you.