Is it me or Stocks and Weather surprise anyone else. I thought the study was downloaded apps, not the apps that cam on the iPhone

As MacRumors points out, the Maps app here is likely the built-in Google Maps app from iOS 5. This data was pulled from Q1-Q3 of this year, before Apples Maps really landed. Still, it highlights the importance of the app.

Facebooks placement wasnt much of a surprise the social network has around a billion users, neither was YouTube or Instagram. Facebook Messenger is interesting though, considering how many popular messaging apps there are.

Nielsen also found that Android still leads in smartphone marketshare by a wide margin, with 52%, and iOS at 35%. Blackberry OS came in third at 7%, Windows Phone with 2% and the rest made up the remaining 5%.

Overall, most of Nielsens findings seem pretty in line with the trends weve been seeing throughout the year. Were there any apps in the top 10 list that surprised you? Sound off in the comments section below.